How do I handle transferring domain names to/from A&E?

In order to transfer a domain name to us, you must start the transfer at the new registrant’s interface after requesting an authorization key.

In other words, if you have a domain name that you’d like to transfer to A&E, you would go to and open a free account. Within that account, you would request to transfer your existing domain to us. As long as you do not have your domain name locked at your existing registrar, the transfer would be initiated. (Please make sure to unlock the domain before you start the process) The administrator of the domain name would get an e-mail asking for approval of the transfer. If it is approved, it normally takes about 5 days for the transfer to go through.

If, on the other had you would like to transfer away from us, you would first e-mail us the domain name you’d like to transfer in order for us to un-lock it and send you an authorization key. You will then go to your new registrar and start the transfer process. Once we get the transfer notification, we would agree with it, and your domain name will be transferred to the new registrar within 5-7 days.