What is Webmail and how do I access it?

To access Webmail go to: http://yourdomain.com:2096 This will take you to Webmail. Type in your user name (full email address) and password.

WebMail offers you an easy way to read your email anywhere. All you need is a computer connected to Internet, any web browser and a POP3-compliant mailbox.

Logging in to WebMail Check is simple, just find out the username of your POP3-compliant mailbox. It can usually be extracted from your email-address: if your address is “me@domain.com“, your username is “me@domain.com“.

If you’re planning to use the same mailbox with both WebMail and a traditional offline client like  Windows Mail, Thunderbird or Outlook,  please note that these clients normally delete all your messages from your mailserver leaving WebMail nothing to read. Just go through the options of these programs and tell them to leave (a copy of) the messages to the mailserver. Although we strongly advise that you download all of your messages off of the server and onto your computer to prevent any loss of email and to preserve your disc space.  We highly recommend using gmail to import and manage email messages.

WebMail is very secure when used correctly with a decent browser. When you log in, your messages are transferred from your mailbox temporarily to the server WebMail is running on, and when you log out, the temporary copies are deleted leaving no trails of your visit. Care has been taken so that browser should not leave a copy of your messages to it’s cache.


Please note that we do not offer any support for Apple or Microsoft products, you must contact them if you cannot get your mail client to  work correctly.  We do try our best to help but can only guarantee that the mail comes in and out of OUR servers and not your devices.