In order to transfer a domain name to us, you must start the transfer at the new registrant’s interface after requesting an authorization key.

In other words, if you have a domain name that you’d like to transfer to A&E, you would go to and open a free account. Within that account, you would request to transfer your existing domain to us. As long as you do not have your domain name locked at your existing registrar, the transfer would be initiated. (Please make sure to unlock the domain before you start the process) The administrator of the domain name would get an e-mail asking for approval of the transfer. If it is approved, it normally takes about 5 days for the transfer to go through.

If, on the other had you would like to transfer away from us, you would first e-mail us the domain name you’d like to transfer in order for us to un-lock it and send you an authorization key. You will then go to your new registrar and start the transfer process. Once we get the transfer notification, we would agree with it, and your domain name will be transferred to the new registrar within 5-7 days.

Go to to access your cpanel

You will be prompted to enter your user name and password.  These were sent to you in your welcome email.

In order to point your domain to our servers, please use the following DNS records:

We offer A&E Customers with ONE free monthly change to their website. A monthly change entails the updating of any 1 (one) page of your website free of charge. Any changes/updates over and above the 1 page will incur a fee of $75 an hour. This free change does NOT include the redesign of graphics, structural changes and additions of pages, and/or programming on your website. Those types of changes will incur separate fees that will vary depending on the complexity, programming, and the time spent on them. You will always be quoted a price before any of those types of changes occur.

Website updates/changes are done on Friday afternoon and Monday morning, provided that we receive your changes by noon on Wednesday of the same week AND depending on what position you are in the help queue. Changes are done in the order they are received in the ticketing system. If you have website updates please have them into our office by opening a ticket with this system. Alternatively, you may send the changes by regular mail. If you have an attachment that will go along with your updates, kindly upload it with your ticket. If you have multiple attachments, you can zip them into 1 file and upload it using the attachment tool within this system. If you are having a problem with this ticketing system, please call our customer service department at (845) 469-4919 between the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

While we do understand that emergencies occur and/or time sensitive information will have to be updated, we are always willing to accommodate those changes and arrangements can be made.

To ensure your updates are completed on Friday, please have your changes (and ALL attachments) into our office by Wednesday morning (deadline 12 noon) so that they can be completed in a timely manner. At times, depending on workload, updates may be completed by Monday instead of Friday, you may be notified if your changes can not be done by Friday and given an Estimated Time of Completion. Changes that come in after Wednesday at Noon will be pushed to the following weeks update queue.

Substantial website additions fall into a separate category, for example if you are adding an e-commerce store to your site, adding numerous items to your existing e-commerce site, adding numerous images throughout a site, redesign, retouching images, structure updates or updating and/or adding several sections on your site – the wait will be longer and additional fees will apply.

This above update policy does NOT apply to customers who choose to update their own sites, that do not have a maintenance plan, or that have had their sites designed or re-designed by another company. Such customers will be responsible for making their own updates as well as backing up of any changes they make on any website we initially designed. Additionally, if clients that update their own site make a mistake and request for us to fix it, the $75 an hour fee will apply. We are not responsible for making any changes on sites we have not designed – you must go back to your designer to make changes for you.

ONLY customers who have purchased the Extended Maintenance Plan can send changes on a weekly basis, all other customers must abide by the one a month rule or they will be billed.

Image purchases AFTER your site is live will be billed to your account. It is recommended that clients create their own stock account with if additional images are needed after the site has launched.

Please Note: Stockpiling free changes is not allowed. You should use your free monthly change otherwise you will lose it. Customers are entitled to ONE free change per month as described above.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. You will be billed for changes that exceed your plan.